Short-Term Rehabilitation

In the J. Patrick Jarboe Rehabilitation Unit of St. Mary’s Nursing Center, Inc., we understand how important it is to return to everyday life after a hospitalization or medical challenge.  Our caring and qualified staff can provide the assistance and the rehabilitation you need to return to your home.  Our physical, occupational & speech therapies can help you regain abilities or adapt to new challenges through our programs that include wound care, IV therapy, pain management, diabetes & insulin instruction and ostomy care.

Anyone suffering from recent injuries or disabilities from fractures, stokes, arthritis, amputation, joint replacement, back & neck injuries, neuromuscular disorders or has had bypass surgery may be able to obtain assistance from our J. Patrick Jarboe Rehabilitation Unit.  The staff assigned to this unit may be able to help rebuild muscle strength through reconditioning, relearn daily living tasks; instruct new skills and prevent further impairment.

Please contact us for more information on our Short-Term Rehabilitation services.


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